The Pen~

The Pen~

The Curieous Pen~ radiates imagination into ideas, thoughts, and accomplishments. Faithful to the unquantifiable alchemy which has sparked abstractions into dazzling discoveries, the Pen~ honors a legacy of humanity’s most brilliant scientific minds.

A guiding light for your thoughts to navigate the history of science. The distinctive green glow emitted by Pen~ evokes 20th-century groundbreaking works in radioactivity.

Machined from stainless steel, the Pen~ construction combines unique aesthetics born of scientific heritage. The sturdy and beautifully contrasting materials inspire you to be one of the bold spirits who enlighten others. A daily reminder of how curiosity and imagination lead to the extraordinary.

Consistency and flow. Writing is enabled through a replaceable G2-style refill cartridge, universally accessible across continents.

Conquer the unknown. The initial spark that fueled the most gifted of Modern Science can now be part of your everyday life. It is now your turn to experience insatiable curiosity in the palm of your hand.

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