The Ion Canister

The Ion Canister

The Ion Canister safely stores your most valued possessions. Faithful to the unquantifiable alchemy that sparks abstractions into dazzling discoveries, the Ion Canister honors a legacy of humanity’s most brilliant scientific minds.

Precision-machined from resistant 304 stainless steel. The Ion Canister’s sturdy walls shelter your dearest belongings from water, heat, or your daily challenges in your pursuit of the extraordinary. The clean-cut threaded cap, along with the rubber O-ring, complements the protection and guarantees complete isolation from the external environment.

The distinctive radiance is the focus of this instrument. Emitted from the sparkling cylinder at the top of the Ion Canister, the singular green luminescence makes anything attached to it recognizable at a glance. A guiding light for your thoughts to navigate the subconscious mind.

Contrasting materials inspire you to be one of the bold spirits who enlighten others. The Ion Canister is a reminder of how curiosity and imagination lead to the extraordinary. The initial spark that fueled the most gifted of Modern Science will be part of your everyday life.


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