The Half-Life Hourglass

The Half-Life Hourglass

A captivating creation to illuminate time. Beyond mere measurement, the Half-Life Hourglass casts a luminous embrace on fleeting moments, turning every second into a radiant spectacle. The elegant fusion of innovation and design gives rise to our first timekeeping tool — a steadfast companion that harmonizes the timeless reliability of science. Time isn't just counted, it's celebrated.

An eye-catching design that enriches any environment. Constructed from resistant double-blown glass, the Half-Life Hourglass is a five-minute timepiece, secured within a sturdy stainless-steel frame to hold time's silent symphony.

The dazzling dance of sand and seconds. At its core, the Half-Life Hourglass is powered by gravity, incidental light, and fine grains of our distinctive strontium aluminate. The sparkling cascade is an invitation to a moment of wonder, inspiring flights of imagination and elevating the ordinary passage of time.

A homage to the transformative nature of science. Our newest launch celebrates the isotope half-lives of radon, polonium, and curium, capturing the essence of scientific exploration that reshapes our understanding of the world. The Half-Life Hourglass is a reminder of how curiosity is the driving force that propels us forward in our journey through time.


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