The Electron Lighter

The Electron Lighter

A Curieous tribute to humanity’s desire. Inspired by the unrelenting quest to persistently explore the unknown, the Electron Lighter reinvents humanity’s oldest technology. This unique firestarter tool is a homage to scientists’ spirit to continually ignite innovation.

Precision-machined from a block of solid stainless steel. The Electron Lighter’s sturdy case protects the high-voltage plasma arc generator against both what is expected, and what isn't.

The distinctive plasma arc is the protagonist of this tool. A tuned high-voltage current from four electrodes discharges a double arc that withstands the harshest of conditions. The superheated plasma of the Electron Lighter is mobilized from ionized, naturally-occurring atmospheric particles. Electrifying glows convey the transformative power of science over darkness.

The built-in lithium-ion battery of the Electron Lighter fuels the heart of its plasma reactor. Sourcing and running out of fuel are now a bygone concern. When the battery is low, the Electron Lighter can be plugged into any USB outlet and recharged. Light the way with the reliability you need in your pursuit of the extraordinary.

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